Grappa and
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
are organically grown and produced; company T109 certified ICEA - Reg. CEE 834/07
Barbetta® grappa
An organic grappa, obtained from the marc of the Barbera – Barbetta vines, which were saved in the 1930’s from the phylloxera plague by methods experimented in cooperation with state agronomists on Venditti land.
It is carefully distilled in copper water bath stills.
sensory analysis
Young and clear, with characteristic fragrances of flowers, fruit and honey which are pleasantly reflected in the taste, with harmonious length. Limited edition.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil
variety of olives Racioppella and Femminella, typical local indigenous clones
pressing process cold pressed within a few hours after harvesting
oil yield very low, approximately 10 litres of oil per 100 kilograms of olives
acidity 0.1
bottling classic Bordeaux 50 cl. with natural cork, unfiltered
number of bottles produced annually limited production
sensory analysis
Yellow-green and slightly cloudy, moderately fruity and green, lingering, with hints of artichoke and tomatoe. Accompanied best with vegetables, salads, soups and toasted bread with garlic.