The rarity are organically grown and produced; company T109 certified ICEA - Reg. CEE 834/07
Walnut wine
On the day dedicated to the patron saint John, walnuts, green and unripe, are hand-picked from the trees in order to prepare this remarkable infusion.
Following a recipe that has been jealously handed down from generation to generation, the result is a particularly aromatic wine.
It is best accompanied by walnut-based specialities, chocolate and dried fruits, but has character enough to be served on its own.
This is a unique product that is defined by its distinctive flavour and origin.

Cooked must/Defrutum®
This is a sweet sauce which will add fragrance and refinement to any recipe.
Made from the must of Falanghina and Grieco grapes of Castelvenere, defrutum is the final product of an ancient recipe carefully preserved through the ages.